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Works with Slack!

Just say "/done" in Slack, when you have something to report!

Share things as they happen, instead of waiting to report things until the end of the day.

Simple entry via Slack commands

Choose the right Slack command for your message.

Easily share what you've /done or are /doing, vent your frustration with /blocking, /share a helpful link, capture a /quote from a co-worker, or say /thanks to someone when they do something nice.

  • /done
    pushed to production
  • /doing
    sending out welcome emails
  • /blocking
    the wifi is terrible today
  • /share
  • /quote
    "this is the best!" -aaronpk
  • /thanks
    SquashBot for always listening

See what the whole team is up to

Browse your group's history by day to see what everyone has been doing.

Browse your previous entries

Everyone in your organization will be able to see your previous entries across all groups on your profile page.

You can personalize your page by choosing your own header image!

Get daily reports via email

Ignore the website completely and read everything via email! Emails are delivered nightly in your local timezone, and include everything the team has done throughout the day.

Follow on the web

Follow all your groups from the website, find other groups in your organization, and search for older posts from the dashboard.

"Nobody can go to every Scrum (or would want to, for that matter) so the reports are really a winner"


"I love it as a way to convey project/customer related information to my team without resorting to a single email or pinging them directly"

Andrew Turner, CTO Esri R&D DC

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Squash Reports is free while in beta. In the future, there will be a monthly charge per group (i.e. per Slack channel), tiered by number of features and users per group.

Who can read my entries?

Only people in your organization can read your entries. Squash Reports staff may access your data if needed for troubleshooting.

What information is included in the daily emails?

The daily emails include a list of all the entries from the past 24 hours, and will be sent to all subscribers of the group. The list of subscribers will also be included in the email.

More questions?

Email us at hello@squashreports.com